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Convenient HVAC

The Weather is changing and you want to enjoy a nice weekend on the water with the family.  The problem is it's cold and you have no heat.  Sure you can bundle up and huddle up but that only goes so far, especially when you had fish and a latte for lunch.  You need a heat source!  Dometic (  makes a great option for those who need AC but don't want the inconvenience of a large hard to install unit.  the Dometic EnviroComfort Retrofit Kits (R-410A is a great solution!  It features: 

■  High velocity, rotatable blower for horizontal or vertical installation

■  Environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant

■  Compact Dometic digital display/control

■  Plastic remote electrical box for convenience in mounting

■  Stainless-steel drain pan

■  Pre-installed return-air filter, easily removable and cleanable

■  Small, compact, space-saving design

■  Retrofit Kit includes digital control and replaces an existing self-contained air conditioning unit

■  Optional Dual Duct Kit for air conditioning an additional interior space

■  Available in 6,000, 10,000, and 16,000 BTU/hr capacities 

This unit also includes an installation kit with makes it even easier to install.  It also includes a remote thermostat to set the temp to your your hearts desire.  We installed one on a yacht back in the summer to help with the the heat.  It's ability to produce both heat and AC accompany this with the fact that it's so compact and easy to install, makes it a great candidate for your boat's climate needs.  


Weather you are adventuring in the hot summer heat in the San Juan Islands or staying in the marina during those cold winter weekends.  Dometic a compact chose for any type of climate you desire on your vessel.